It is the custody, conservation and guard of merchandise from abroad or local to export undercovered with the customs regimen of Tax Deposit.
Punctuality.- we comply efficient times of the next procedures:
  • Availability of merchandises in maximum 24 hours after arrival.
  • Quote tax and inform to customer in real time.
  • Electronically tax payments.
  • Preparation and delivery of merchandise within hours according to the volume of the order.
Personal Attention.- We have a team assigned to care for each of our clients.
Strategic alliances.- We have a wide network of strategic alliances with customs agents, carriers, Foreign Trade Advisors in order to efficiently integrate your supply chain.
Confidence and security You will deposit your merchandise in the hands of professionals that have the tools and infrastructure to ensure that your merchandise will arrive on time to your customers.
Increased cash flow.
The merchandise is entered on Mexico, diferring paying taxes to Foreign Trade and VAT, is stored in Tax Deposit and once you need to remove these taxes are paid.
Outsourcing warehouse.
Stock control, Maneuvers loading and unloading, arrangement of goods, Armed order.
Exhibition of merchandise.
The Tax Deposit user can display the merchandise to their customers inside the wharehouse.
Added value services
Armed orders, armed with promotions, labeling, product packaging, stretch wrap, packaging, others.
Merchandise distribution
Use the Warehouse Bonded Warehouse as your distribution center for direct sending merchandise to their customers using our distribution network.
Monitoring stock online.
Check with a click of your merchandise, thanks to ALGEBASA stock system (enter the Stock section).