We are authorized to operate as Fiduciary Institution for trust warranties.

The trust is a contract by which a person called the settlor, conveys the ownership of certain assets or rights to constitute an autonomous patrimony to an Institution authorized by the Federal Government to practice the office of Fiduciary institution , to carry out specific purposes which must be lawful , possible and certain for the benefit of a third party called a trustee.


In this type of trust , ownership of certain assets or rights are transmitted to trustee in order to ensure compliance of an obligation to the trustee.

  • The goal of this product is to provide an agile mechanism, secure and transparent to assure the contractual rights of the creditor, ensuring the agreed payment obligation by the debtor impacting the trust of assets and rights.
  • The guarantee that the debtor settlor may give to the creditor trustee is not limited to real estate or securities, but may also be subject of properties, including any rights which trustor debtor has, by example, certificates of deposit, portfolio, projects, etc.
  • The trustee secret that allows confidentiality that required this type of operations.
  • The labeling of resources through proper management of various sub accounts.
  • We analyze the customer profile to provide you the best alternative in funds investment that generates a high return on investment of your assets.
  • Execution of guarantees that consitute the clients for comply with the job obligations.
  • Issue and delivery of financial statements for each contracted trust.